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Daniel Casas Valle

urban dynamics

Daniel is an urbanist with a broad experience based on urban planning practices and academic activities. For more than two decades he has been connected to urbanism, as a designer and researcher. Currently, he is working on various urban design projects and planning studies at his office Urban Dynamics in Porto/Amsterdam, at the MDT/CEAU/FAUP as a researcher, and as invited assistant professor at the Portucalense University in Porto. Daniel holds a master on urbanism (Amsterdam, NL), and completed his PhD at the Faculty of Architecture, Porto University, in 2018 (cum laude). In his projects, Daniel, as a person and professional, always searches to provide the right spatial conditions for all. Special projects are linked with the themes of space for Sport, Play and Physical activities, and with the ongoing (research) project ´the Future Design of Streets´.

Title of Daniel’s keynote speech: Small is beautiful

Jackie Goodway

The Ohio State University

Dr. Jacqueline Goodway is Chair and Professor of Kinesiology at The Ohio State University. Her research agenda focuses on promoting an “Active Start” in young children from vulnerable communities and elucidating the role motor competence plays in leading a physically active lifestyle. This work is framed within the larger picture of physical literacy and supporting children’s physical literacy journeys from early childhood to adolescence. Dr. Goodway is best known for her 27+ years of SKIP early motor skill intervention research which has been adopted across four continents and had significant impact. Dr. Goodway co-developed a highly cited conceptual developmental trajectory model articulating the role motor competence plays in driving physical activity behaviors and serves as lead author on one of the most popular motor development textbooks globally. Dr. Goodway’s work has been recognized by numerous awards and keynotes and she has provided leadership to many international organizations. At the core of all she does is a strong passion to translate her research findings into professional practice and positively impact the lives of the children and families with whom she works.

Title of Jackie’s keynote speech:
Promoting Positive Physical Literacy Journies in Young Children from Disadvantaged Communities: The Impact of Project SKIP

Christian Herrmann

Pädagogische Hochschule Zürich

Christian Herrmann completed his doctoral thesis at the universities of Bayreuth, Mainz and Jena on the topic of “Psychosocial resources in youth sport”. During his post-doc phase, he worked at the Department of Sport, Exercise and Health (DSBG) at the University of Basel. He completed his habilitation (post-doctoral thesis) about “Basic Motor Competencies“ at the Educational Sciences Unit of the University of Potsdam in Germany.

Currently Christian is Professor of Didactics Exercise and Sport at the Zurich University of Teacher Education. Within the framework of empirical educational research, his research focuses on test development, basic motor competencies and the quality of teaching and learning in Physical Education.

Title of Christian’s keynote speech:
Basic motor competencies in physical education. Rationale, assessment and development

Amika Singh

mulier instituut

Amika Singh, PhD (Human Movement Sciences, Epidemiology, Physical Therapy) is currently employed at the Mulier Institute (Utrecht, the Netherlands) and the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (Bergen/Sogndal, Norway). In both organisations she holds a position as a senior researcher.

At the Mulier Institute, she is coordinating research in the field of ‘learning to move’, which includes projects in the field of (1) school-based physical activity (physically active learning, physical education) both at primary and secondary schools, (2) early childhood education, and (3) outdoor active play.

Amika has (co)authored more than 70 publications, mainly in the field of public health, behavioural science, paediatrics, and educational research.

Title of Amika’s keynote speech:
More Physical Activity in the School Setting: Why and How?

Congress Committees

Scientific Committee

  • Andreas Bund, Chair (Université du Luxembourg, Luxembourg) 
  • Manolis Adamakis (Université du Luxembourg, Luxembourg) 
  • Richard Bailey (University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus, Malaysia)
  • Greet Cardon (Ghent University, Belgium)
  • Kristine De Martelaer (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium)
  • Erin Gerlach (Universität Hamburg, Germany)
  • Sandra Heck (Université du Luxembourg, Luxembourg) 
  • Kristy Howells (Canterbury Christ Church University, England)
  • Boris Jidovtseff (Université de Liège, Belgium)
  • Arto Laukkanen (University of Jyväskylä, Finland)
  • Dana Masarykova (Trnava University, Slovakia)
  • Uwe Pühse (University of Basel, Switzerland)
  • Francis Ries (University of Sevilla, Spain)
  • Arja Sääkslahti (University of Jyväskylä, Finland)
  • Claude Scheuer (Université du Luxembourg, Luxembourg)
  • Patrizia Tortella (Free University Bolzano, Italy)

Organising Committee

  • Claude Scheuer, Chair (Université du Luxembourg, Luxembourg) 
  • Andreas Bund (Université du Luxembourg, Luxembourg) 
  • Sandra Heck (Université du Luxembourg, Luxembourg) 
  • Manolis Adamakis (Université du Luxembourg, Luxembourg) 
  • Andrea Klein (Université du Luxembourg, Luxembourg) 
  • Satoko Bizzotto (Université du Luxembourg, Luxembourg)


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